Color Makes The Difference In E60 M5 Tuner Car

Scanning for E60 M5 tidbits online, we came across this modded E60 M5 from Lumma Design which calls its version the CLR 500 RS. It’s an old kit, admittedly a few years old, but it goes to show how color can make a world of difference when it comes to personalizing your ride. The first thread we came across was an orange E60 M5 with matching orange seat bolsters and interior bits. It was universally derided, although the 21-inch wheels and fittingly-designed body kit gathered some positive comments.

Then, there’s this matte black E60 M5 with the same CLR 500 RS treatment that looks worlds apart from the orange-colored one. Whereas the orange Lumma Design car looks like a ricer toy, the matte black CLR 500 RS looks all business. Even with a stock drivetrain, it has enough grunt in it to put a host of other cars in their place. Interestingly, the body kit seems to reduce Vmax, because the CLR 500s reportedly have a top speed of 203 mph, whereas a delimited E60 M5 can do 205.

See CLR 500 RS variants here and here.

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