Looking for a BMW E60 M5? Already Own One?

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Now that BMW E60 M5's are coming out of warranty, buying one can be a gamble if you've never owned one before or don't know exactly what to look for.

This generation of M5 is far more technically advanced that the previous E39 M5. This means that there's far more to go wrong (read: very costly repairs).

And if you just bought one, there is so much to learn about this incredible car...stuff so many owners sadly never realize...these are things that WILL make it much more fun and less expensive to own. Don't be like me and learn the hard way...

M5 Video Guide Customer Interviews  

M5 Video Guide Customer ChatMark has been a BMW owner for over 18 years and owned more than half a dozen BMW's. However, even after buying his E60 M5, this experienced owner still chose to become a member of the M5 Video Guide.

To find out why, click here to watch Mark's interview.

M5 Video Guide Customer ChatWilliam has owned two M5's. Even with that much ownership experience, William chose to become a customer of the M5 Video Guide and still gained many new insights about buying and owning the M5.

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M5 Video Guide Customer ChatKirk was seriously considering the E60 550i, but instead opted for the E60 M5. He was glad that he did. However, he quickly realized just how much technology there is to learn in the M5.

To find out what happened with Kirk, click here to watch his interview.

M5 Video Guide Customer ChatDavid was concerned about all the technology in the E60 M5, how it works and what might go wrong. He was also looking for a real world service and maintenance schedule to minimize costly repairs.

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Too bad the E60 M5 Video Guide didn't exist two years ago!

It surely would have saved myself and others a lot of cash buying the wrong car...Do you know enough to buy one intelligently? Maintain it inexpensively?

Sadly, too many people don't...

So if you just purchased an E60 M5, or if you're thinking about buying one, this video guide will save you time and your hard earned money by learning about this awesome car.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, then keep reading...because you're about to take advantage of my video guide... it doesn't exist anywhere else!

But first, you may be interested in my personal story that all started a few years ago with my first E60 M5...

Learn How to Find and Successfully Buy A BMW E60 M5...


When I first heard about the E60 M5 that belonged a friend, I wasn't sure about this car. I was already very happy with my E39 M5 that I'd owned happily for years. So I read lots about the new Chris Bangle designed V10 monster and concluded:

"Those crazy engineers at BMW have done it again!"

I considered the performance specs on the car and read a few reviews. It was becoming clear to me that this new M5 was likely to become the next cult classic now that the new F10 M5 has been announced. I knew that V10 motor would become a rare gem in with enthusiasts since BMW introduced their "Efficient Dynamics" program and went back to V8's but added turbo power.

Eric's E60 M5 Video Guide Testimonial 3

Over the years I've driven and owned some incredible cars – some of them 'cost no object' – from Porsche to Ferrari to Audi. And today, I can say that

"The BMW M5 is one of my all time favorites...but she's STILL not perfect"

Not long after buying the E60 M5, many people find themselves visiting the dealership more than they would like...and paying for more repairs than they have experienced with other high performance cars.

(Is that something you're worrying about too?)

I asked the head service tech why my car was costing so much, and he told me that it wasn't necessarily the E60 M5 that was the problem, but instead it was possible that I bought a car which had nearly all the maintenance deferred... even though I had the car inspected and it showed "No Major Problems"...yeah right! The problem was that

"I had not purchased the M5 intelligently"

But it didn't have to be that way. Had I known what to look for, now that I've owned the M5 for a few years, I could easily have avoided buying the wrong car and paid A LITTLE BIT more for the RIGHT car, which would have saved me THOUSANDS of dollars in the long run! Since then I've made it my business to immerse myself in the car, its systems and requirements.

You can learn from my mistakes and find out how to locate and buy a fantastic E60 M5 in any model year (2005 m5, 2006 m5, 2007 m5, 2008 m5, 2009 m5 or a 2010 m5) that will almost be guaranteed to be problem free – if you know what to look for...

"The E60 M5 may be the best car BMW ever built!"

There's nothing out there today for the money that will provide you with the same level of driving satisfaction, practicality, style and performance. In fact this car is VERY reliable.

"And for the money...NOTHING even comes close."

Trust me, I know. Maybe today the RS8 Audi V10 or the 556 Horsepower, supercharged Caddy CTS-V might be close contenders.

"Is the E60 M5 is better than ANY other performance sedan"

Today, you can benefit from my knowledge. Learn what to expect in terms of maintenance costs, when to take it to the dealer and when to take it to a private shop (for WAYYY less money).

Find out what kind of driving style will cost you how much and why. Learn which modifications are easy and cheap. Learn which service items can be deferred and which ones require immediate attention if you don't want to blow up your credit card in the future.

"Take advantage of this knowledge...save your cash and enjoy your car more"

The video guide was designed to save you time learning what you need to know about the E60 M5...and guard you from owning a money sucking pit!

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Inside the M5 Video Guide you will learn:

  • Sneaky (but valuable) questions to ask when buying the car
  • What easy tactic you can use to know what kind of condition the suspension is in
  • A simple trick to find out if the clutch is near the end of its life
  • How to use build in on-board diagnostics yourself to get ahead of major issues
  • Common, but minor issues you DON'T have to worry about (but should check out before buying
  • What maintenance costs to expect; based on YOUR driving habits
  • What the M5 is like to drive around town AND on the highway
  • Whether or not this VANOS issue is really something to worry about or just an automotive myth perpetuated by paranoid web forum members
  • Which tires to get based on criteria most people never think of
  • How to extend the life of your rear tires with a simple, but effective alignment tweak
  • Which aftermarket modification is a TOTAL waste of money for 99% of owners
  • How a dead simple induction upgrade can add even more horsepower
  • Why a 2006 E60 M5 might actually BE the bargain it appears to be
  • Which sections of factory exhaust to change for specific sounds
  • Why the synthetic Castrol 10W60 BMW recommends isn't the best oil for the S85 engine
  • The only way to test is EDC is working properly
  • Which engine modifications to consider (that is if you NEED more power!)
  • What driving habit is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to melt your clutch and cost you more than you think
  • How to get the most out of and operate key systems like iDrive, MDM, EDC, DSC and more with quick video tutorials

The Guide is broken out into tabs by major categories. Within each of those categories are professionally produced and edited videos on each subject. You can quickly choose which subject and video you want to watch, in whatever order you want!

Peter's E60 M5 Video Guide Testimonial 2

Each video is to the point and not a second longer than necessary. Some of them are only a minute or two long: Your time is valuable...so if video footage didn't need to be in there – IT GOT RUTHLESSLY LEFT BEHIND ON THE EDITING ROOM FLOOR!

Find out what you need to learn about the E60 M5 right now!

For less than the price of a tank of gas, you can have immediate, electronic access by ordering today.

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What Secrets Do I Reveal In My Video Guide?

How to choose a near PERFECT car for YOU with the least money!

  • The market favors buyers of this car right now they are coming off warranty
  • Where to look for the E60 M5
  • What inspections to ask for, which ones don't matter
  • Why you don't need to drive the car before you buy it
  • Why this is the best performance car for the money

How to avoid suspension issues!

  • What suspension parts you need to look into
  • How to tell where those parts are in their lifecycle

What 1 Thing You MUST get inspected! (Hint: Not getting this
checked out can wind up costing you big bucks!)

  • Which items need to be looked into
  • The key service that most sellers defer (but YOU shouldn't if you
    already own it)

What the #1 single-most irritating issue for E60 M5 Owners!

  • Yes, it is irritating, but if you know about it upfront, you'll be thankful
  • The other things that bug owners about day-to-day living with the car

Safety features

  • Many people look at this car the wrong way as a performance
    sedan–but forget that–it is VERY safe...I cover key safety options
    in detail!
  • How the electronic software in the car will help you be a better
    driver...until you are ready to turn it off!


  • How to drive the car in various conditions
  • What this car is REALLY like to own as a daily driver
  • Detailed performance specs and driving habits that are guaranteed to break
    the bank if you drive it like this!

Why this is the best car in the world for the money!

  • Comparisons with the E39 M5 (yes, I've driven and own it!)
  • What the interior amenities are like
  • Why this car is destined to become a classic very soon
  • All the 2008 "Life Cycle Improvement" changes that took place

...and many many more tips and secrets about the BMW E60 M5!

E60 M5 Video Guide Testimonial 4

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Do you want instant access to the owner manuals for the E60 M5? You'll be able to start reading about everything there is to know about the car in a few minutes!

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Would you like to read original articles from years ago when the E60 M5 was first released? You'll be able to read about the E60 M5 and key aspects, including the very rare, low production volume E60 M5 Touring!

PLUS – You'll have access to some recently published industry market updates on the E60 M5 - also in .PDF. These are all located under the 'Resources' link in the private members area.

BONUS #3 – Custom Laser Jammer Install:

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Would you like to see exactly how we installed our laser jammer? Which brand we choose and why? You'll see how we did it, how we customized the speaker location and how to install it in an afternoon!

PLUS – You'll see how we customized the install to fit our air intake modification so it's always on.

Works on Windows, Mac, iPhone4 and the iPad!


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